Learn Tarot Today: The Magician

Card #1 – The Magician

If The Fool is like a baby in the tarot deck, because he blissfully knows nothing, then The Magician is like a teenager that thinks he knows everything.

To be fair, he does actually practice and hone his skills and when he executes them, he does so with charm and grace. Like a teenager (with somewhat inflated confidence), there is a quality about him that appears to “have it all on lock.”

But does he? If he thinks he does, well, maybe that is all he needs. After all, magic is all about belief! This card symbolizes the ability to manifest our belief and turn it into great action. It also represents the need to believe in ourselves.

As a master at his craft, The Magician brings us the tools and energy needed for us to manifest our desires!

A magician in the most classic sense is a performer who entertains and does sideshow tricks, like pulling doves or rabbits out of hats. To be a good entertainer, the magician must know and understand the intricacies of guiding or distracting their audience. Not only does a magician need their skill to be effective, but they also need to learn how to see outside of their own worldview to truly make their magic “work.”

Pulling The Magician in a tarot reading is often indicative of an unrealized potential for greatness.

In this deck, the magician is depicted in a garden or courtyard, practicing his craft. On his table, you can see each of the Minor Arcana suites—the pentacle, the cup, the sword, and the wand. He looks at home in his space and is perhaps preparing for the first step in a journey. His red robe symbolizes gnosis or knowledge. He, however, is still within the safe confines of his own courtyard, of his own being, of his own mind and tools. This may mean that while he has resources, knowledge, and drive, he may lack big-picture insight into the world beyond him and his courtyard.

In many situations, this card can represent positive beginnings.

If you pull The Magician card in a reading when asking the tarot about someone in your life, this person is likely an incredible human being. They may be intelligent, charismatic, and more than capable. The flip side is that you may also want to look a little closer to see for yourself if they are the real deal or if they are putting on a show.

If you pull this card for yourself, I urge you to keep learning and working hard and moving forward. Knowledge is power! Check in with yourself to make sure you are staying authentic, and remember to take a peek at the world around you to see how your surroundings may benefit from your newfound power and skills.

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Stevie Rose is a witch, writer, and lifestyle faerie located in the heart of Los Angeles. She came upon the concept of Self Love Magic during a Virgo moon when her creativity just could not rest! Stevie has experience working as a business consultant for technology companies, plus as a marketing strategist for authors, musicians, and agencies in Hollywood. When she isn't working on Self Love Magic, she is practicing it or writing and workshopping her novel with the help of award-winning author (and her personal guru) Francesca Lia Block. She can also be found inside a hula hoop, practicing acrobatic yoga, or fire dancing for a crowd.