Reiki 101: Frequently Asked Questions

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1. First off, what exactly is Reiki?

Reiki is a healing modality that is used to balance the body. It treats the body’s physical and emotional issues on a purely energetic level. Reiki energy, otherwise known as Universal Life Force, may go by many names (ki/qi/chi and Prana are just a few of them). Reiki is generally passed to you by a Reiki master. This person is someone who has spent life dedicated to the practice of energy healing. They have also received reiki from their Reiki master during a process that all practitioners go through called attunement.

2. What is attunement?

Attunement is the transfer of reiki energy from the Reiki master to their student. One attuned, their student is able to move forward in their own healing practice and share the benefits of Reiki with other people.

3. What does reiki energy feel like?

For different people, reiki will feel differently. Rest assured that whether or not you feel a sensation, the Reiki is working. Some people feel like they are spinning, others may see different colors or have visions. Common sensations are the feeling of warmth or tingling over the area that the practitioner is working on. Every experience is unique.

4. How does a Reiki treatment work?

Like a massage, you will probably be lying on a table or mat with your eyes closed. The practitioner will hover their hands above your body starting at your crown chakra and then working their way down to the root. When they do this, they are opening any chakras that are blocked or need extra healing. You may notice that your therapist is spending more time hovering over certain spots. This is no reason for alarm. They have just been called to continue the flow of reiki energy and will move on from that body part when the reiki has done its job.

5. How does reiki energy know where to go?

While the entire body gets a Reiki treatment, if energy is needed in one certain place, it will flow to that area. Your highest self knows exactly where it needs healing and will direct the reiki to go where needed.

Is there anything else you want to know about the basics of Reiki? Just mention it in the comments and we will make sure to include it in our next article.

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