Love Yourself This 420 With These Cannabis-Infused Self-Care Ideas

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Have you noticed that there is something in the air today?

It’s 420, of course you have! This is the time of the year where weed, ganja, cannabis, the green goddess is celebrated and exalted.

420 is a great cause for celebration, but we challenge you to “check yo’ self before you wreck yo’ self” by way of some cannabis-infused self-care tips. While we advocate for everyone to have a (responsibly) good time, we also agree that cannabis has some amazing self-care properties. Self Love Magic does not condone any illegal activities, so readers, make sure it’s legal in your state to participate in these activities before you decide to indulge.

Cannabis Is the Perfect Self-Care Tool

The cannabis flower is made up of two different compounds, cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While THC is most famous for its psychedelic effects, CBD is non-psychotropic and well-known for its medicinal properties, dating back for thousands of years. At Self Love Magic, we share some ways you can incorporate the green goddess into your self-love practice this 420.

1. Massage yourself or your friend with CBD oil or, better yet, CBD lube

This 420 is a fantastic time to indulge, and who doesn’t like a massage? Incorporating CBD oil into massage can help you to relax your muscles and plays a positive role in relieving stress. Some companies even make CBD-infused lube, which they claim relaxes you and gets your genitals high! I know how I will be practicing self-love this 420.

2. Treat yourself to a terpene-infused candle

Soothing aromatic candles not only provide an amazing smell in your home but may also reduce headaches and even manage mood swings. Let yourself wind down this 420 with a candle that is made with essential oils and strain-specific terpenes, like the ones at Kush Candles.

3. Take care of yourself during PMS

Anyone who has experienced PMS is familiar with the regular visits from uncomfortable cramps and body aches, heightened sensitivity, and general irritation with the world. The CBD in cannabis can be helpful in alleviating painful periods and the THC can be helpful in inducing relaxation. So roll yourself a joint, try an infused balm on your crampy muscles, or eat some cannabis-infused chocolates.

4. Bring cannabis into your beauty and skin-care routine

Taking care of your skin with cannabis-based products won’t get you high, but it will be highly effective at reducing wrinkles and nourishing your skin. This is because CBD oil is enriched with fatty acids, vitamin E, and essential oils. Oils are important because they help hydrate skin. And they are equally healthy for your hair. CBD spa day, anyone?

5. Increase your mental well-being

When it comes to self-care, it is so important to pay attention to mental health. Although some doctors are still hesitant to use cannabis in treating mental health disorders, many patients use medical marijuana to help them through anxiety and depression every day. CBD can actually help you to “bliss out.” Here’s how:
When CBD activates the endocannabinoid system, specifically the TRPV1 receptors, the body regains homeostasis. Those specific receptors are responsible for things like regulating pain, reducing inflammation, and keeping your body temperature in check. CBD is also responsible for raising levels of anandamide. Anandamide comes from the word ananda, the Sanskrit word for “bliss.” CBD actually enables the “bliss molecule.”

6. Enhance your meditation, yoga, or spiritual practice

Meditation has been used for thousands of years to help us gain peace with ourselves and a connection with our higher self or divinity. In general, people practice meditation to help relieve stress and to improve their mindfulness. Think about combining your yoga, meditation, or spiritual practice with cannabis. A great way to celebrate 4/20 is to smoke some weed and pull out your yoga mat. Be sure to take your time in each asana and focus on your breath as the cannabis guides you through flow to ultimate relaxation.

What are some other ways that you use cannabis in your self-love practice? Share with us in the comments!



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