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Underwater Mermaid Model: Mermaid Sasha of New England Mermaids. Learn more about our featured underwater mermaid model, Mermaid Sasha, on her website or on the New England Mermaid's Facebook page .

Did you know that every May 29th is officially International Mermaid Day? 

Here’s a list of top our 10  fashion must-haves for mermaids that are guaranteed to make a comeback this summer!

These styles will immediately transport you to that classy AF underwater palace you call home. The one with that luxurious clamshell bed and sexy mermaids and mermen lounging about. *swoon*

 1. This Mermaid Mix Chunky Glitter (It’s Biodegradable)

One of the huge downsides of regular glitter is that it can easily pass through our filtration systems and end up in the oceans, becoming a huge threat to mermaids. Glitter is usually made of plastic or metal and can be devastating to fish and other sea life. When you buy glitter, be sure it says “eco-friendly” or “biodegradable” on the package. This one was made especially for mermaid safety. See the lowest price on Amazon here.  

2. iHeartRaves Sequin Kimono

This shimmering kimono is perfect for those cool nights out or for frolicking during the day. The fabric is made from iridescent sequins that feel just like mermaid scales! Don’t worry, no mermaids were harmed in the making of this kimono, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it magically transports you back to the sea. See the lowest-priced iHeartRaves kimono on Amazon.


3. Super Shiny Mermaid Leggings

These inexpensive leggings are guaranteed to turn heads. Although there are 17 different colors to choose from, I definitely recommend these peachy ones. There is something kind of lux about them. Stay classy, sea creatures! See the lowest-priced mermaid leggings on Amazon.


4. Awesome Mermaid Hydration Pack 

Mermaids need to hydrate too and they have to do it in style. This hydration pack is perfect for festival season. Its bright colors and shiny scales will help your friends find you in any crowd.  There are a couple of pockets for storage and it even comes with a super mouthpiece. See the lowest-priced mermaid hydration pack on Amazon.

5. Healing Quartz Crystal Crown

Become Queen of the Sea with this gorgeous crystal crown.

These crowns should be a staple in any mermaid’s wardrobe. Not only do they complete the mermaid look, but they can instantly dress up any festival outfit. Plus the added benefit of crystal healing…who doesn’t want that? See the lowest-priced quartz crown on Amazon.

GRACEART Raw Crystal Quartz Tiara Mermaid Crown Headband

6.  Pastel Rainbow Mermaid Hair

A mermaid needs long flowing tresses do they not? If you can’t get your hair done professionally for a true mermaid style, Amazon has wigs that are affordable, long and thick. They look like the real thing. Good wigs can be hard to find at low prices—there is a reason the wig linked below is so highly rated. See this best-selling rainbow wig on Amazon.

Self Love Magic’s very own Jessyca Marie at Mane Fixation

7. A Real Functional Mermaid Tail

If you aren’t wearing a wig and are down to get wet, you probably need a real mermaid tail for swimming in—just for the experience. I will never forget the first time I saw a real mermaid, chilling on the shore of a beach in Florida. She was sunbathing on the shore and flapping her gorgeous tail up and down—I totally fell in love. See this affordable REAL mermaid tail on Amazon.

8. Unicorn Snot Cruelty-Free Glitter Gel

Apparently, using unicorn snot to glam up is a well-known tip in the mermaid makeup community. I love this stuff because it can be used on the skin and in your hair (and it’s vegan)! It comes in a bunch of colors too. See the lowest-priced Unicorn Snot on Amazon.

9. Cute AF Body Jewels

These face and body jewels are total fire. Make sure to clean your skin to ensure they stick. For extra longevity apply them with eyelash glue. As great as they look on your face, they also make fantastic boob decorations. See the most affordable face and body jewels on Amazon.

10. Wet Look Metallic Mermaid Maxi Skirt

Maybe you are more of a land-mermaid. If you are, you need this skirt. It comes in a solid pattern as well as a scale pattern. Both are equally shiny. Perfect for festivals, costume parties, or if you are feeling bold, a night out on the town. See the lowest-priced long mermaid skirts on Amazon.

Sirens and selkies, it’s time to let your mermaid fashion take the stage.

Any other mermaid must-haves you can think of? Leave us some ideas in the comments!

xoxo Happy Mermaid Day!

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