Welcome the Full Moon and Partial Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn, July 2019

The July Full Moon is hitting us with a vengeance and intent on helping us toward our ultimate success and capabilities. Each Full Moon brings along with it meaningful energies that help us to grow toward our ultimate destiny, and the sign of Capricorn will be guiding us through this month’s lessons. 

On the 16th of July, there will be a Partial Lunar Eclipse and Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn. This is a unique and rare occasion, as the Partial Lunar Eclipse will significantly amplify the energies that come along with the Full Moon. Capricorn likes to work hard and appreciates structure. Capricorn does not like to take risks and prefers to continue with the tried and tested method. When the Moon is in this sign, we know what it is we want for ourselves, and we work hard to get it. It allows us to reflect inward and see what it is we want to accomplish. Our long-term goals will become more evident, and we will tend to focus more on the bigger picture as opposed to the minuscule details. This is when we have a “push through anything” approach to life and we will not back down or say “no.”

Reaching the top is something we will be pondering during this Full Moon, and we will FEEL the need to reach success inside our bones! This Full Moon also makes us slightly stronger, as it will remove any restraints we have placed on ourselves that prevent us from moving forward and succeeding. The obstacles in our way will seem minimal, and we will want to focus on the positives instead of holding ourselves back by obsessing with the negatives. We will easily be able to identify these restraints and resolve them.

During this full moon we will be pushed to figure out who we are and our purpose on this earth. We will question where we fit into the big picture and into society. Every one of us has our unique purpose and our unique talents. We are here to make use of what we have been gifted by the universe and share it with the world. The universe has a plan for each and every one of us. This plan might not be visible now, but hold on. It will be made as clear as daylight in due time! During this Full Moon, we might feel slightly insignificant and that our ideas and goals don’t matter, but they do! Whatever you are drawn to and whatever makes you feel alive when you do it, do it, regardless of the opinions and convictions of others.

If you look at a puzzle, every little piece is required to make the image whole. If even one piece is left out, the entire puzzle will be incomplete. Similarly, every single one of us is needed in this world in order for things to function harmoniously. During this transit, you will come to realize how you fit into this world and why what you do is of great importance.


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