Today we are going to talk about Full Moon magic. Here are a couple of things I like to do. I don’t do all of these things every Full Moon. Sometimes I don’t do any of them. You can choose which rituals best fit with your own practice, with the sign the Full Moon is in, or with your particular intention during this cycle.

Cleanse your space!

With an herbal blend of your choice, a cleansing wand, or a cleansing spray, cleanse all the negative energy that has accrued in your house to start fresh for the Full Moon.

If you’ve been working on spells since the New Moon and don’t want to get rid of that energy, you want to keep it going, keep it flowing, keep it growing, just go ahead and bless your space. Give it a little extra recharger energy, a little burst of flavor to reinstate what you’re working on. I make a blessing blend out of orange, ginger, frankincense, and maybe a couple other things depending on how I’m feeling or what I’m working on. It’s a Creativity and Energy Incense that builds up creative energy in my home. I sing a nice joyful song and let the smoke from that herbal incense waft into every room.

Charging your crystals or tools

A lot of people like to charge their crystals by the Sun and the Moon—that’s up to you. Just keep in mind that a lot of crystals fade or change color in the sun; however, they do not in the moonlight. You can cleanse your crystals and put them on a tray or just outside under the moonlight to help charge them. It’s a great way to have the energy of the Full Moon in your home or with your magical tools at all times.

If you’re someone that doesn’t use crystals at all—which is totally fine (you don’t have to use anything that anyone else uses)—but you still want to have the energy of the Full Moon in your home, then you can charge your tools under the Full Moon. Say you use a dagger, athame, chalice, bell, or your mortar and pestle, whatever you use every day magically can be charged under the moonlight. If you wear any kind of protective or spell jewelry, you can put that outside under the moonlight. You can put your shoes under the moonlight. You can put out your calculator, your phone, whatever you want to be imbued with the energy of the Full Moon.

Definitely charge things the day before the Full Moon, the day of, and the day after. Don’t worry if you’re a day after the Full Moon; the energy is still flowing. Also don’t worry about leaving things out overnight. I tend to bring things in after a couple of hours, just because I like to put things out under the Full Moon and then all of a sudden it just starts raining—and I mean, it’s happened to me a lot. If you want to leave them out all night, by all means, go ahead. I just have had the elements ruin a few things that way, so I’m not doing that anymore!

Reassess your goals 

Rework any lists or projects that you started on the New Moon. Say on the New Moon, you decided you want to start a couple new projects, and on the Full Moon, you want to see what has come into fruition. Knock anything off your list that you’ve already taken care of, any goals that you’ve already accomplished, and then rewrite the ones that you haven’t and give them a fresh look. Go ahead and do some visualization on those things again so you can have the energy of the Full Moon pushing those things to be finished.

Woman bathing


You can do a cleansing bath for yourself, a love bath, or whatever kind of bath you want. I like doing the Success Bath or Creativity Bath. It consists of rose petals, orange peel, pink salt, and some amber oil. It’s a wonderful bath for ideas that you’re trying to work out in your head, to bring newness and fresh ideas into your creative brain space.

Full Moon water

Another wonderful practice that’s very easy and can help with your magic all throughout the year is making Full Moon water. I have some I store in what’s actually a wine bottle. I fill it with distilled or boiled water and put it outside under the Full Moon. This I do leave out all night because if it rains on a glass bottle, it’s fine, and if I catch some rainwater in here, that’s awesome as well!

You can put Full Moon water in any of your baths. If you’re someone that likes to make ritual sprays, using your Full Moon water for that is really great because it’s already charged with all that high energy. Some people even leave drinking water outside in the moonlight so they can drink the Full Moon–charged water. There are so many different things you can do with Full Moon water. The possibilities are endless.


And lastly, but most certainly not leastly! The Full Moon is a wonderful time for releasing all of your emotional turmoil, anger or sadness, or anything you’ve been holding in that you want to let go of. Dancing and singing, boxing, working out, anything that makes you feel very energized, pumps you up, and then lets you release anxiety caught in your body is such a wonderful thing to do on the Full Moon. My personal favorite is to put on my headphones and music videos on my TV, and I dance and dance and dance all of my anger away, all of my frustration, anything that I want to get out. Sometimes I’ll just cry and release whatever I need to get rid of so I can start afresh and anew the day after the Full Moon.

Other ideas

You can also do any kind of spellwork where you are working on success or the fruition of something. Any new endeavors are great for the New Moon, but the Full Moon is all about being grateful, showing lots of gratitude for the things that you have, the things that you have accomplished, and the goals that you’ve met. Just being full, grateful, and happy.

Divination is good to do on the Full Moon, such as giving yourself a tarot reading. A Full Moon is a great time to do any workings where you need a lot of energy built up.

There are so many more rituals that you can write for yourself, but one last thing I like to do is create things on the Full Moon. I like to make candles, crochet, and make things for myself, like ritual oils. Anything that I want to be supercharged with that Full Moon energy I will make on the Full Moon.

And that’s it! Those are all the things. I hope you took notes or added to your Book of Shadows. Have a gorgeous next Full Moon.

Let me know in the comment section what you did the last Full Moon or what you’re planning to do this next Full Moon.



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