Decorating Your Temple: Self-Expression in an Instagram Era

We live in an era of hashtags and Instagram aesthetics, perfectly curated social media, and fashion icons every time you open your phone. In the midst of it all, it can be hard to find yourself and to decorate your own temple.

Self-expression plays a big role in self-love.

If you can’t express yourself in a way that feels truly and authentically you, how will you ever love yourself? But it can be hard to find that self-expression in the world we live in. It is easier to see other people’s expressions and adopt them as our own. Witches wear all black and long flowy clothing, hippies wear bright colors and patched clothing, Instagram baddies follow internet trends, and you, where do you stand in all of this?

The answer is you stand wherever you are comfortable.

You can pull from every inspiration to create yourself. You do not live in a box and you are not a mirror to the genre that inspires you. Create Yourself.

Cast love spells wearing all black latex. Cast hexes in bright pastels. Soak in a pink glittery bath bomb while you die your hair black and read self-care books. Run through the forest in your frilliest dress. Your aesthetic is what you dream it.

It’s up to you. Now go find it.


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