Stevie Rose is a witch, writer, and lifestyle faerie located in the heart of Los Angeles. She came upon the concept of Self Love Magic during a Virgo moon when her creativity just could not rest! Stevie has experience working as a business consultant for technology companies, plus as a marketing strategist for authors, musicians, and agencies in Hollywood. When she isn't working on Self Love Magic, she is practicing it or writing and workshopping her novel with the help of award-winning author (and her personal guru) Francesca Lia Block. She can also be found inside a hula hoop, practicing acrobatic yoga, or fire dancing for a crowd.
Jessyca Marie is a publishing professional with editorial experience at the Guggenheim and Rubin Museum of Art. She served as Project Assistant for Bodies in Balance: The Art of Tibetan Medicine and has her poetry published in literary magazines. A triple Aquarius, her natal chart is overwhelmingly represented by the tarot's Star card, which informs her life purpose: creatively inspiring conscious living and soul fulfillment among all sharing the experience of this universe. In alignment with that vision, she serves Self Love Magic as a writer, editor, and QA analyst. Though she occasionally plays with words, she frequently guides others with theirs. Jessyca can be found scrawling the poetry of Sylvia Plath on Los Angeles walls in ultraviolet invisible ink.
Kelly Kalac is a creative marketing professional with work experience at both Uber and Microsoft. Among her accomplishments are receiving a grant from Burning Man and creating large scale interactive sculpture, becoming a Usui & Karuna Reiki Master as well as becoming a Dianic priestess. She is also currently in training to become a Hatha Yoga Instructor. Her strongest values are informed by her priestess training, reiki, and yoga practice. She brings these values into her work at Self Love Magic as marketing & events coordinator, editor, and writer. When not working on art projects or studying spirituality, she can often be found exploring the outdoors with her fiancée and her dog.
Mint Faery is a YouTube vlogger and witch who practices a mix of Hoodoo, Native American healing, and Faerie faith, focusing on dreamwork and mental health. She works with elementals and nature spirits as well as Ancestral energies for the betterment of herself and those around her. Her greatest wish is for people to be happy, feel fulfilled, and reach their life goals.
Julia Urow-Hamell is a horoscope writer, poet, peer support specialist, and artist delighted to be writing and editing for Self-Love Magic. On her long and winding journey towards self-actualization, the bumps in the road have helped her clarify what matters to her the most: self-knowledge, self-compassion, connection, intimacy, authenticity, creativity, community, and love. She’s excited to share what she has learned with other seekers on their own journeys. Julia has had writing published in The Art of Being Human anthology and Open Roads Magazine. Catch her in Portland, OR, singing to her cat, hosting tea parties in the woods, and reorganizing her sticker collection nightly.