7 Magical Self-Care Tips for When You’re Feeling Down

Mint Faery

Today we are going to talk about something that has been long-awaited…magical self-care. You don’t have to practice magic to do any of these things.

We all go through those times when we’re not feeling 100% like ourselves. You might be someone who’s suffering from a mental illness or living with poor mental health. You might be going through PMS or just feeling crappy and like you want to cry. At times like these, we might really need help pulling ourselves out of the situation or mindset.

The truth is we can’t always depend on others to be there for us. Oftentimes, we just have to take care of our feelings on our own. This is called emotional resiliency. Learning emotional resiliency alone can be really difficult. While we are huge advocates for community support, here at Self Love Magic, we also recognize that spending time with yourself and independently pushing through is essential too.

1. Clear Your Space

If you live by yourself, clean your house and get rid of things you don’t need. Wash surfaces and organize your belongings. Try to clear your space enough so that it looks nice and it makes you feel good…because when your house is messy, your brain is messy. If you live with roommates, then make sure that your space is clear and that you have a personal sanctuary of your own that no one else will mess with.

2. Clear Your Space—Energetically

You can use your preference of material to cleanse with, like sage or incense. I find it’s really beneficial to use my broom to brush out any kind of negativity that’s in my space. Alternatively, you could use your magic vacuum. Sprinkling a salt and lavender mixture on the floor can help eliminate negative energy and replace it with energies of happiness, friendship, joy, and love. Plus, it smells so good! Just sprinkle the mixture on your floor and sweep or vacuum it away.

While you’re sweeping, think about the things that are weighing you down. Imagine those things being brushed away.

3. Claim Victory Over Your Feelings

When you start to feel those negative feelings coming on, it’s time to claim victory over them.

Say out loud: “This is not going to affect or harm me. I’m going to get through this. I’m going to get over this.”

It is important to do as soon as you first start feeling any difficult feelings. Tell yourself that you are not going to let them ruin your day.

4. Go Outside, Even If You Don’t Want To

I know when you’re feeling shitty, you don’t want to make the effort to go outside. Just do it. I make myself walk my dog or go on a little treasure hunt for magical herbs and pretty flowers I can dry to use for magic. Plus, Vitamin D from the sun will improve your mood and energy.

5. Do a Simple Expulsion Ritual

Similarly to when we swept the energy out with a broom, now we’re going to burn the negative energy out of ourselves. If you have bay leaves, take those outside with you. If you don’t have bay leaves, use any dry leaf you find outside. Bring a white candle and a sharpie.

Using the sharpie, write on the bay leaves whatever it is you want to rid yourself of. If you’re feeling sad, write down the sadness. If you’re feeling angry, write that down. Find some solitude, sit down, and get your white candle out. It doesn’t have to be “dressed” with oils or herbs, but if you want to use expulsion herbs or spices, pepper and sage are great choices.

One by one, you’re going to burn the leaves. As you burn them, imagine that the smoke is the byproduct of the targeted emotion seeping into the ground. It’s no longer a part of you. It’s no longer what you need. Let the earth drink up those emotions and turn them into something beautiful. Leave the space with resolve, walk back to your house, drink a cup of tea, and start planning.

6. Drink Magical Tea

I like to magically charge my tea. I drink a shitload of tea because it warms me up, is soothing, and is just so good for me. When I’m making my tea, I like to charge it magically by placing crystals around it. You can also incorporate color therapy or aromatherapy. Sometimes I choose to make tea blends that promote good feelings. Little reminder that you can’t just go drinking whatever herbs you want. Some can make you very sick or interact with medications in a bad way.

In the summer I like to make a deliciously uplifting iced tea from lemon peel, orange peel, sweet basil, lemongrass, and mint. (Sounds like a crapload of stuff, but trust me, it is viscous and delicious.)

7. Start Planning for Good Times

Even if you aren’t feeling better after all that, start planning what you are going to do when you are feeling better. This will help you to shift your focus and mindset towards the positive.


I hope that even one of these tips can help you get through your no-good-very-bad day. We love you over here at Self Love Magic and are always here to support you.


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