420: The Ancient System of Numerology and Cannabis

Hemp leaf

Do you smoke cannabis?

Do you always seem to notice when the clock turns to 4:20?

The reason for that might just be rooted in Jewish mysticism.


Seeing numbers with frequency can be fascinating. Many refer to these as angel numbers, from the belief that angels are in communication with you.

Hebrew numerology chart By taking those numbers that we see often and determining what words or phrases are associated with those numbers, we can gain insight into why that number is surfacing. This is called numerology, or in Hebrew, gematria.

The ancient system of numerology was developed by kabbalists (Jewish mystics) as a method of using numbers to find deeper insight into names, words, and phrases.

The way gematria works is by assigning each Hebrew letter of the alphabet to a number.

For example, the first letter of the alphabet, Aleph, is assigned the number 1; the second letter, Bet, assigned the number 2 (and so on and so forth). The chart to the left depicts one version of how gematria works but there are many variations.

Let’s take a look at the Hebrew word for  “smoke” or AShaN (???) on the chart.

?=70, ?= 300, ?=50

50+300+70 = 420


Well there you have it, one of our favorite holidays celebrating the benefits of cannabis may have its roots in ancient Jewish mysticism. To look up numbers that you see often and view a list of words that correspond to it, visit The Gematrix. You can also try typing in a word to see what number corresponds to it and other words associated with yours! You can look up words in Hebrew or English and this Gematria Calculator will break it down for you. This database has some silly words and phrases so take it all with a grain of salt. Have fun!

Through this system, you’ll find that the numbers 11:11 correspond to the phrases “Twin Flame,” “Hidden Knowledge,” and “Benevolent Light.”


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