10 Things Dirt Can Be Used for in Magick

Today we are going to talk about dirt! It’s one of the easiest magickal tools to find because it’s literally everywhere outside. You can use it for so many different things. I’m going to tell you ten of those things.

1. Moving Magick

Say you are in search of a house, and you find one you absolutely adore and you want to move there. Get some dirt outside of that house, take it home, put it in a spell. You can:

  • put it on a success candle
  • put it into a charm bag
  • sprinkle it on the bottom of your shoes for success in moving into that place

Having the dirt from that place in your spell or on your shoes makes the universe know that the dirt belongs to you. This is what’s going to be on the bottom of your shoes when you live there. It’s building a connection with you and that home. That dirt is going to be a part of your life. You’re going to be walking on it every day because that home is going to be yours.

Dirt road through a forest
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2. Travel Magick

Say you want to do something for safe travels. Imagine yourself going to this place, having a great time, and coming back home safely. Having dirt from your own home and taking that with you when you go on your trip will ensure that you come home safely to your lovely little nest. 

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3. Cleansing

Now you’re like, why would you use the dirt to cleanse something? I know. Well, the earth is incredibly cleansing. We already know the earth is very grounding and it can pull you down into a space where you feel safe and rejuvenated. Basically, that’s what it’s doing with your tools when you bury them in the earth. 

Take any tools, crystals, or amulets, anything that you wear daily that you want cleansed and you don’t want to use smoke. Dig a little hole, put your items directly in the dirt, and cover them up. Make sure you mark where you bury your stuff; don’t lose your stuff—that’s sad! Put a little X. Draw a little treasure map. The dirt will cleanse and remove any yucky energy that’s on there and renew it and regenerate it with beautiful earth energy. 

If you don’t want to dig a hole outside because you’re like “I don’t know how I’m going to be able to find it” or if you have animals that are going to dig it up, get a bowl and fill that with dirt, put your items in the bowl and cover that up so it’s safe, and then leave it outside under the Full Moon or under any Moon that you want and just let it chill. You could do this for an hour or overnight. I suggest doing it overnight just to get a really good cleanse. Then you can take your tools out, rinse them off, and they are ready to go.

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4. Protection 

You can use graveyard dirt for protection. Take dirt from a grave of someone you love—a parent, a grandparent, anyone that means a lot to you—and wear it in a charm bag or locket, or you can sprinkle it around the outside of your home for home protection. 

If you don’t want to use graveyard dirt, if you want to just use regular dirt, you can take some from a place where you feel safe and protected. If that is your own home, you can take dirt from outside of your home and mix it with blessed or holy water and sprinkle that around your home or wear it. You can take dirt from, say, your therapist’s office. It can be anywhere. Don’t limit yourself to just your house, your grandma’s house; if there’s a place where you go where you feel at ease, say it’s the library, take dirt from the library. Anywhere that you feel like you are calm and peaceful, that dirt is great for protection.

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5. Manifestation

If there’s a place you want to visit, a school you want to attend, or a spot you want to be a part of your everyday commute—anything you desire—take the dirt from that place. Maybe you’re trying to get a new job and need to ensure you get it. Take dirt from outside that job, outside the college, wherever you’re trying to make part of your life, you saw a couch that you really want at Raymour & Flanigan…go ahead down to Raymour & Flanigan and get some dirt from Raymour & Flanigan! You can literally take the dirt from anywhere, put it with a picture of whatever you want, roll it up, wrap it up, dip that thing in some honey, put it in a little piece of cloth so it’s not all sticky, and put it under your bed or bury it outside your home. Honey is great for success, sweetening anything, or creating a sticky positive bond between you and that thing. Picture. Dirt. Honey. Wrap it in a cloth. Yellow, gold, silver, any color that is a successful color.

This is going to be a charm that is going to help to ensure that you get that thing, you go to that place, you attend that college, you get that couch, whatever it is that you want.

Digging up soil using garden shovel
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6. Banishing

There are all sorts of things you can do with dirt to banish, hex, or bind someone; however, I will just be talking about banishment today.

Say there’s someone very toxic in your life that you have to see all the time, and you want to get some space, move away from them, or have them find a new place to live or be. I’m talking about a very extreme situation. I don’t recommend banishing people who are just getting on your nerves or you don’t like them at work or something petty like that. That’s not a viable reason to expend that kind of energy from yourself or the universe. I’m not down with that. You can do whatever you want and, of course, you can always protect yourself from the consequences of doing magick on somebody else; however, you will always be protecting yourself from the clap back, and that gets exhausting. Whatever comes back to you is going to be a huge slap in the face. So be freaking careful. Decide if that’s something you really want. If you don’t want anyone to assert their will on your life, then I wouldn’t recommend doing it to somebody else. However, if someone is harming you or somebody that you love and you need them to peace the fuck out, then I do recommend banishment.

If you can, take dirt from that person’s shoes and send it far away from you. If you’re by a body of water, put it in that body of water. Take that dirt and mail it somewhere else. Mix the dirt from their shoes with red or black pepper or hot foot powder. It will get that person’s footsteps out of your environment.

Say some words of love and a peaceful “get the fuck out of here” with your banishment spell. If you’re the toxic person and I try to get rid of you, you’d want me to do it with love. I don’t do anything to anybody else that I wouldn’t want someone to do for me. Everything that I do is with love and for the betterment of everyone in the situation, not just myself. I want to make sure that everything I do is balanced.

Person with feet in the grass in a forest

7. Grounding

If you’re someone who suffers from a lot of stress, you’re having a stressful moment, or you’re in a stressful environment, and you need to calm yourself down and get back to a focused place within yourself, go outside, take off your shoes and socks, and put your feet in the dirt. You don’t have to bury your feet in dirt, although people do that as well. Just get it so that your feet are touching the dirt, center yourself, and imagine the negative energy draining out of your body, going into the earth, being transmuted, changing into something positive, and going back up through your body through your feet. Grounding is great if you suffer from dizziness or vertigo, like myself. Taking off your shoes and feeling the earth beneath your feet is so incredibly healing for you.

Babies love it. If you ever have a baby who’s freaking out all the time, just crying and colicky and you don’t know what to do, take off your shoes and take that baby outside and just hold the baby with your feet in the ground. I’m telling you, it is age-old that people will do this for babies to calm them down, to ground them. It’s not a cure-all for anything, but it is most definitely helpful.

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8. Love Magick

Lots of people will use graveyard dirt for love magick. They take the dirt from the grave of someone they loved and put it into a Love Drawing Spell. 

In my tradition, taking the dirt from a church during a wedding is the greatest way to bring love into your life. If you’re trying to find love or draw in your ultimate lover, while you’re at a wedding and people are in love, people are excited, people are cheering and tearing and having a wonderful time, and everyone’s just feeling the love all around and crying in the rice or whatever is happening, go ahead and bend down real quick, get some dirt, and stick it in your pocket. Put that dirt in your own Love Drawing Spell and watch how wonderfully it works.

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9. Fertility, Growth, and Prosperity

Fertility and growth magick both go hand in hand. Fertility doesn’t always have to do with pregnancy or babies; it has to do with any kind of growth, anything that you want to grow and blossom. It could be your mind, it could be your love life, it could be your job, it could be your business, it could be whatever you want. 

Take the dirt from a place that is flourishing with plants. It can even be weeds. Don’t discount weeds! They’re growing. They’re flourishing. They’re living their life. Take dirt from anywhere that is overflowing with life, take the dirt from that beautiful land of roses that are blossoming, and add it to any growth magick that you are doing.

You can use this technique for prosperity magick as well. Taking dirt from outside of the bank that you’d use and putting it into your own prosperity magick is also really helpful for growing your money and keeping your money flowing—from yourself or your business to your bank, from your job to your bank, back and forth.


10. Ancestor Magick

Whether you’re trying to connect with your ancestors or anyone in your family that has passed or you’re just trying to have a deeper spiritual connection (or a deeper connection to Mother Earth herself), you can use dirt from cemeteries. Put it in an herbal mixture for meditation and for heightening your mind. While you’re going into meditation, this will deepen your connection with family that have something to teach or tell you, or it will help you find a deeper connection within yourself with people who came before.

This is also for you if you’re trying to create a deeper connection with Mother Earth herself. 

Or maybe you’re trying to find a life purpose, feel lost, don’t know what career to choose—you just don’t know and you’re kind of stuck. Maybe you don’t feel like you bond with anyone in your family enough to talk to them or for them to understand what you’re going through and be able to give good advice. Sometimes we feel like outcasts in our family. But I guarantee that along the line someone in your family was just like you. They had the same kind of ideas you have, maybe the same humor that you do. Try to find a connection with them, understand them more, and get some direction. If you have access to their grave, gather dirt from it, place it in a candle, and sit with them. Meditate on them and imagine having a conversation. They can help you find a path—or at least give you some kind of advice, a feeling, or some sign to show you which way to go. 

Try some new things that you haven’t thought of before.

Find your little, happy corner of the world.

And don’t forget to call your mom and tell her you love her.


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